Four Simple Ways to Connect With Your Online Customers

find-new-customersWhile nothing beats the face to face contact and interaction you achieve with customers when they walk into your store, keeping connected with them online is a great way to achieve customer loyalty and hopefully increase your sales.

With so many people heading to the search engines to find the product or service they are after, having an online presence is essential for any business who wants to stay in the game and compete with the many competitors in their industry. Even if you have a brick and mortar store, many people will find your business by conducting a search. For those who strictly operate online, gaining that connection with their customers becomes even harder.

Here are few simple ways to connect with your online customer and improve your sales:

Your Website

The most obvious one is, of course, the website. Having an attractive, easy to navigate website is an essential for any business. Whether a customer is searching for the products you have in stock, looking for your menu or seeing what is included in a particular service, you want to be able to convince them your business can cater to their needs.

Connecting with your customers is going to start with your content, and you’re going to want to include everything your clients need to know about what you are offering in a simple and engaging way. As well as great content, you’ll want to add important contact information for customers who want to know more. This can be as simple as a phone number and email address or you can even go further and include a live chat box.


Similar to your website, writing blogs is a great way to inform your customers of your products or service. As you can update these regularly, it helps customers to gauge your personality and really connect with your business. When writing blogs, it is important to write something that is going to be useful whether it is about your actual business or a major event or change that has happened in your industry.

Social Media

Creating an online strategy shouldn’t simply be a matter of thinking of ways to draw in the masses but also as a means of communication. Social media is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and receive feedback on your products or service.  Most of us have numerous social media accounts whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Depending on the type of business you run, you can target one or all of these platforms to keep in touch with your clients.

Whether it’s posting images of the latest dresses in stock or simply promoting a sale you have on a service, keeping engaged and regularly communicating with your customers can ensure they not only make a purchase, but become a frequent buyer. Follow up on any questions or comments made on your page as quickly as possible to build that remote relationship that sticks.

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