What You Need to Know About SEO

seo companyConsidering hiring the services of a SEO company or web marketing company? Then it is safe to say that you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed and confused on where to start.

Hiring SEO services and web marketing services to optimise your Internet marketing success and gain greater brand awareness is a beneficial way to keep you company or brand above the competition, and may end up being the make or break in your overall marketing success.

There are many SEO services and web marketing services aimed at doing this for you, but not all of them will be right for you and your needs. A reputable and reliable SEO company can be a little tricky to come by, especially when there have been floods of information and warnings about “black hat” agencies and companies practicing unethical search engine optimisation tactics.

So how do you know which SEO company to hire for your brand or website?

Do your research

It may not be the lightning bulb solution you’re after, but research is vital to any successful endeavour, especially when it comes to hiring a SEO. Why? Well to begin with, by hiring the services of a SEO company  you’re essentially putting the success of your business or brands website in the hands of a stranger. Sure, they are professionals at what they do, but as stated above there are many cunning con artists who are willing to exercise unethical strategies at the expense of your wallet and website. Make sure you know who you’re passing your time and money to, and make sure that you’re leaving your website in reliable and reputable hands. Research the company’s website, its past customer feedback and client testimonials, regard how long they’ve been in the industry for, and what search engine optimisation tactics or strategies they use and favour and why. If you can’t get all this from the SEO Company’s website, then move on to one you can.Assess your online marketing goals

If you’ve gotten to this part then most likely you’ve already done this and determined that SEO is right for you. However, as strange as it sounds not everyone bothers to assess their long-term strategies for their online marketing goals. Make sure you know exactly why you want to hire a SEO company, and base this on your long-term goals. Are you relying on your website for income? Are you an online business? Do you want to attract more customers/clients to your business?

The best tip you can receive is to practice simple common sense. It may seem inconsequential, but it is true that in most cases your instinct or general observation of a company or agency is usually right.  If for whatever reason the company you are considering gives off a negative vibe, or somehow or another makes you question their reliability or reputation, move on. Search engine optimisation is a long-term process and investment, therefore your research and hiring process should be as well.

Read the Google Webmaster Guidelines to help you get started.

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